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The Importance of Wealth Management

Wealth management is an umbrella term. It can mean different things to different people. A financial advisor can interpret wealth management to mean deciding on the financial services a client needs to resolve financial difficulties or enhance wealth-building opportunities. Meanwhile, a client can interpret wealth management to mean restructuring their finances by creating a plan… View Article


Oil and Gas Investments with Intangible Drilling Cost Deductions

A relevant business comparison for an oil and gas operator who drills a well is a real estate developer who constructs an office building. They both might finance their operations project-by-project. For tax purposes, ‘capital’ costs and ‘expense’ costs are distinguishable generally by the useful life expectancy of the result. For example, costs for operating… View Article


A Quick Guide to Protecting Your Assets

In this world of increasingly sophisticated criminals, we need to be diligent in protecting our assets. We cannot assume that just because we have a few asset protection plans in place, our assets will always be there. For asset protection measures to work as an effective safeguard, it must be done right with the help… View Article


Overcoming FOMO: Perception Isn’t Always Reality.

It is a popular acronym to describe a phenomenon that is particularly prevalent on social media websites because people often love to post pictures of their wonderful experiences. Those reading these posts feel they’re missing out on a better quality of life. FOMO may be harmless because it merely leads to a mild feeling of jealousy…. View Article