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Financial Headwinds For Today’s Investors

Have you ever flown to Europe for vacation or business? If so, you probably remember the flight back to the U.S. took a bit longer.  A recent flight I took from London to Atlanta took two hours longer than flying from Atlanta to London. A two-hour difference in flight time is quite common in late… View Article


Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Every year, you spring clean your home and maybe even your wardrobe, but what about your finances? Spring is a great time to revisit your financial accounts, figure out where you stand, and change or create strategies to reach your financial goals. As you evaluate your needs for spring cleaning your finances, here are a… View Article


Benefits of a Cash Balance Plan

A cash balance plan is a retirement plan that offers you some of the benefits of traditional pension plans and defined contribution plans. This type of retirement account provides you with the opportunity to save up money for your future while also providing you with tax-deferred growth on your investments. What are the benefits of… View Article


The Importance of Wealth Management

Wealth management is an umbrella term. It can mean different things to different people. A financial advisor can interpret wealth management to mean deciding on the financial services a client needs to resolve financial difficulties or enhance wealth-building opportunities. Meanwhile, a client can interpret wealth management to mean restructuring their finances by creating a plan… View Article